The History of the Mazafati Date

The traditional wedding to celebrate the union of two people in Iran is a Mazafati Date, which is also known as the “Taj Mahal Wedding”. It has been considered as one of the greatest weddings of the world and many of the Persian royals have been invited to this amazing ceremony. The bride must be at least seventeen years old in order to take part in a Mazafati date.

Mazafati dates are traditionally associated with the Persian month of Safar, which is from late August till mid-September. This is when the groom and the bride are in a period of seclusion and the family and friends try to convince them to get married as soon as possible, while they all gather at the place where they both should be seated. There are also rituals which are performed before this time. Once the ceremony has been conducted, the groom and the bride enter into a special place, which is called the “Zulfaghar” which is a large house and a garden.

The groom will be wearing his white robe that he will be provided by his bride; therefore, the bride and the groom need to have their first meeting in this room. The bride’s parents usually bring her there to receive her father, who is the head of the family, as well as her mother. The wedding will then begin when the bride and the groom will go to sit under a tree together and the wedding ceremony will last for seven days until the last day. When the wedding ceremony has finished, the newlyweds will get married again.

The traditional Mazafati dates of Iran are the ones with their floral arrangements, which include: a silk rose on a gold frame, which is wrapped round a red silk carpet with red thread. There is also a silk rose on a gold frame, which is wrapped round a red silk carpet with red thread. The rose is tied around a silver chain, which is surrounded by blue silk ribbons and it is then placed on top of a large blue taffeta silk cushion.

A blue satin flower bouquet is then presented to the couple with a small pink ball on a red thread that is tied with gold ribbons. A gold necklace will then be attached to this, and a ring is placed in front of it. On the ring, a black gemstone is placed with the names of the bride and the groom engraved on it.

The bride and the groom then dance together in a beautiful and elegant way, and then the marriage takes place. It is said that once the two families and the guests have left the party, the two women will walk around the house by themselves in a traditional manner. They will be married again by the hands of the groom and the bride.