What You Need To Know About the Mazafati Dates Manufacturer

Mazafati dates maker is a name in the international business. It has been established as the main business of the town of Mazafati, a town that has been occupied by the Portuguese and Italians in the previous century.

The Mazafati dates manufacturer was established when the Portuguese, after they were defeated by the Muslims in the wars in Africa, returned to Portugal with their army and with them they brought the dates they had taken from these people. From there they continued to trade with them and with the Muslim population they made some money too. This is why the name “Mazafati” was given to the dates that they made.

As you might have guessed, Mazafati is an Italian name for their products and this is where the company got the name of “Mazafati dates maker”. But before we discuss their history, let us know how these dates are produced. They use a process called ‘naked press’ where the raw materials, mainly the dates, are left out in the sun, which causes the date skins to peel off and to be ready for the pressing. When the date is pressed, it becomes hard and crumbly.

These are then divided into two different varieties, the dry and the liquid. The dry ones are the ones that are used in the market and they are the ones that are best suited for making the homemade cakes. The liquid variety however is not only cheaper than the dry ones but also much easier to make.

In addition to the above, the Mazafati dates manufacturer also produces a range of other types of products that are suitable for making a variety of recipes. For example, the dried ones can be used to make the mincemeat. They can also be used for preparing a number of different dishes. Most of the dishes are not only made using the dry dates but also with the meat pieces and the dates themselves.

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