Choose the Date That Would Best Suit Your Needs

The market for local and date food is huge in Malaysia. Every corner of the country has its own version of the local favorite, from fried sticks to sliced fresh fruits, noodles, salads, desserts and rice. Most date-based foods are based on Soya sauce. Most suppliers sell fresh supplies of fruits and dates throughout the year. However, if you want a specific type of date, you could get it from Malaysia.

Most Asian countries have large coffee plantations, and the coffee is often grown in small outbuildings. It is then sold to the larger retailers. Date plantations in Asia are usually quite small. So, in most cases suppliers won’t be able to get their hands on large quantities of dates.

A lot of small businesses rely on wholesalers to get their hands on dates. However, it’s difficult to find a reliable wholesaler in Malaysia. It could be more difficult to find a date seller with good reputation. If you do find a date seller, there are still chances that the quality of the date could be affected.

There are some manufacturers in Malaysia who sell dates. These suppliers could be more dependable than local suppliers. However, the cost of the dates they sell is higher than what local suppliers offer. This is because the prices of fruits and vegetables in general in Malaysia are relatively high. Plus, they could sell their produce at a lower price than other local manufacturers. If you want dates at a reasonable price, it is best to buy them from bigger suppliers in bigger quantities.

Most date sellers in Malaysia would charge you per pound of date. For instance, if you order ten pounds of dates, you would have to pay for ten pounds. This is because there are certain deductions taken from the price to account for the shipping charges. Other than that, your invoice would include the charges.

You can also get dates from the bigger growers in the area. They have exclusive rights to sell their produce to local distributors and retailers. Most growers in Malaysia sell directly to wholesalers. This is why some people call the dates that come from these big suppliers “billion dollar dates.” The growers are able to charge a higher price for these fruits compared to the dates available from smaller suppliers.

You should also bear in mind that there are large variations in quality among manufacturers. Some would sell their produce at a much lower price than others. The better quality dates would be marked as such on your invoice. The first few weeks after you received the shipment would be the best time to inspect the date and check if it meets your requirements. You would be able to gauge the quality of the date right away. If you do not inspect the date for at least a month, you might not be able to judge the quality of the fruits.

There are a number of suppliers in Malaysia selling date products. Some of these suppliers ship only to major cities like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore while others ship nationwide. The prices also vary depending on whether you order the fruits in bulk or in small quantities. The suppliers usually quote prices in ringgits. Ringgits are small octagon-shaped bites that represent the amount of date that would be available for one unit.

You can find suppliers online through some websites. The suppliers have online catalogues that display the types and varieties of dates available. Some suppliers also have a telephone number where you can contact them if you have any special requests. They would be able to assess your needs and recommend the date that would best meet your requirements. Most of the suppliers are located in Penang, Malaysia.

It is important to order the fruits in plenty so that you would be able to enjoy fresh and ripe fruits. Do not be stingy with the dates because the freshness of the date plays an important role in enhancing the flavor of the final product. You would be able to determine when the best time to order the dates would be based on how the fruits ripen. Drying times play an important role in determining the flavor of the date. Some fruits are more hardy than others and will last longer than the others.

Some manufacturers of fruit smoothies also make use of the dried fruits in their products. This is a good marketing strategy for the suppliers because they do not need to invest in machinery for drying the dates. You could just visit their website and choose from their list of dates that they are offering. It would be better if you are aware of the local conditions when picking the date to ensure that you get the right quality.