What is extra virgin olive oil?


Extra virgin olive oil is unrefined olive oil and is so healthy. This oil is known as liquid gold.

The method of extracting extra virgin oil is such that the real taste of olive is felt, and the vitamins and minerals found in olive fruit are abundant in this oil.

Extra virgin olive oil has less oleic acid than other types of olive oil. This oil has not been changed by chemicals and thermal processes.

Its color is greenish gold and it has a different flavor. The end of its taste is spicy. This type of oil is a good suggestion for preparing sauces and cold dishes.

Original extra virgin olive oil:

To take advantage of the mentioned properties of this product, you must have prepared the original extra virgin olive oil.

The original olive oil must be prepared only by pressing and without any chemical additives. The original extra virgin olive oil is generally found in dark green color and has a unique olive flavor. An oil that is completely odorless and tasteless cannot be accepted as original oil.

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Odorless extra virgin olive oil:

Many people are always looking for odorless extra virgin olive oil. The main question is, is it possible to prepare this product without any smell of olives?

The answer to this question is no. As we mentioned earlier, odorless extra virgin olive oil practically does not exist externally. If this oil is original, due to its production process, it will always have the flavor of olives.